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On February 7, led by the associate researcher of the Department of Machinery of Tsinghua University, a group of 11 Tsinghua University students went to Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group to carry out social practice and technical exchange activities.

Huasheng Rubber introduced to the visiting teachers and students the company's development history, technical research and development strength, cooperation projects with major universities, universities and enterprises' skilled talents, and led the company to visit the exhibition hall.

As a company focusing on rubber products, was founded in 1983. Since 2020, Huasheng Rubber has further increased its investment in new product research and development, built a physical experiment center, a chemical experiment center, a performance test center, a scientific research staff workshop, and a technology research and development center, and improved its independent research and development capacity for a full range of products. At the same time, it has also increased its investment in new energy electric vehicle tires, high-end environment-friendly wear-resistant truck passenger car tires The product research and development of the tyre for the maintenance of air shortage and the tyre for the race continued to break through.

Huasheng Rubber said that the long-term development of the rubber tire industry in the future still needs the joint exploration and research of scientific research workers, enterprises and research institutes. It hopes that through this technical exchange, the cooperation between schools and enterprises will be further strengthened and the talent team will be shared.


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