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Recently, with the optimization and adjustment of policies related to social epidemic prevention and control, many enterprises in the rubber and tire industries have faced unprecedented challenges in their production and operation. In order to better coordinate epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, all enterprises actively resume production according to their own conditions to ensure stable production and operation.

Since December 21, "positive recovered" and asymptomatic or mild employees have returned to work in succession. All enterprises actively, quickly and scientifically formulate the resumption plan and launch the year-end offensive to fight a "war of closure".

After the resumption of work, the enterprise will focus on key areas such as personnel deployment and organization, production factor guarantee, and supply chain management in each workshop engineering section. On the premise of ensuring safety, we will firmly promote the work of returning to work and reaching full production, and spare no effort to fight and win this battle to complete the annual task objectives.

o stuck to their posts. They either insisted on being on duty all the time, or returned to work immediately after a two-day rest when their symptoms eased, contributing to the stability and recovery of the factory's production capacity. Enterprises have said that because of the war epidemic efforts of their employees, they will be able to achieve "the perfect combination of epidemic prevention and production, and resolutely win double victories".


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