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On November 20, the Qatar World Cup kicked off, and Chinese brand tires also achieved good results in the Middle East.

According to the data, Saudi Arabia ranks second only to the UK in terms of the amount and quantity of semi steel tires imported from China, which are USD 195.828 million and 7.307 million respectively. In terms of all steel tires, the United States ranked second only to the first place, with the amount of USD 287.798 million and the number of imports of 3.216 million. Iraq, also in the Middle East, ranked fourth among China's key export markets, with an export volume of US $161.791 million and a number of 2.279 million items.

It is worth noting that from November 22 to 24, the Middle East (Dubai) International Auto Parts and After sales Service Exhibition held with the Qatar World Cup also attracted many Chinese enterprises.


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