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Inspection Equipment

1  X-ray Tube

A. The angle at which the X-ray is emitted should ensure that there is no detection dead angle in the case of continuous detection.

B. The X - rays emitted should be strong enough to ensure a clear image of different thickness of the tyre.

2.  Image Processing System

The image processing system shall have the function of electronic deviation and gain calibration to ensure a stable and clear image, so that the internal structure diagram of the whole tire is rolled on the display.

3. X-rays Shielding Lead Chamber

It can shield divergent X-ray, and the level of X-ray radiation protection should meet the requirements of the national standard GBZ 117, so as to protect the surrounding environment and personal safety.

Mechanical Motion System

4. Tyre Drive System

A. The tire drive system should accurately locate the tire under test and ensure that the tire tested rotates at a constant speed.

B. X-ray Tube Drive System

The X - ray tube drive system should be able to accurately move the X - ray tube and ensure that the X - ray tube is accurately positioned between the two tire beads.

C. Detector Drive System

The detector drive system shall enable the detector to move and position accurately and ensure that the detector receives x-rays after passing through the tire.

Appendix A

(Informative annex)

Schematic diagram of major defects

A.1  Structural Defect Pictures

A.1.1  Belt Joints Broken

A.1.2  Belt with Differential Deflection

A.1.3  Tire Steel Cord Bending

A.1.4  Tire Cords Arranged Sparsely

A.1.5  Tire Cords Broken

A.1.6  Bead Wire Crown

A.2  Pictures of dopant defects

A.3  Bubble defect picture


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