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After weighing the amount of mixture and curing agent, add curing agent according to the following steps.

1. First of all, clean the mixer to ensure its cleanliness to prevent mixing with other impurities. Then the roller clearance of the mixer is adjusted to the minimum width, and the mixing rubber is put into the mixer for thin pass. After that, enlarge the roller clearance of the mixer properly, so that the mixing glue is evenly wrapped on the roller. The surface temperature of mixed rubber should be around 80℃.

2. The mixing temperature of the rubber is controlled at about 60~80 °C by adjusting the roller distance and properly passing the cooling water. At this point, the curing agent is put into the mixing rubber.


A. Put the curing agent evenly into the mixture, not in one place.

B. Do not put too fast. If the release speed is fast, vulcanizing agent will be easy to fall to the bottom, but not easy to disperse in the mixed rubber, which will affect the mixed rubber performance.

C. Drop the vulcanizing agent under the roller into the mixer again.

Vulcanization Accelerator CBS (CZ)

3. After you can't see the curing agent and the curing accelerator, start cutting, left and right twice, to make vulcanization agent and vulcanization accelerator dispersing in the mixed rubber better. Confirme by observing the form of vulcanization agent and vulcanization accelerator: if it is from the solid into the viscose, then mixed into the rubber, the mixing effect is good.

The Hydraulic Vulcanizing Machine

4. Take out the mixing rubber and make it thin. In thin pass, the roller clearance of the mill should be adjusted to the minimum distance and the timesr of thin pass is 4~5 times.

Calendering must be in accordance with the thickness of the product molding requirements.The whole process should be careful and not  take too much time, otherwise it will reduce the viscosity and physical properties of the menny.


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